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A Theatre in Time: Setting the Scene

Set in early 17th century, a game of intrigue unfolds amidst the backdrop of baroque-inspired Italy under the ruling Ricchezza family.  For three generations the Ricchezzas have governed the duchal territories of Italy with the aid of a Royal Chancery.  In the aftermath of her husband’s untimely death, Empress Dowager Mirielle Ricchezza assumes the role of ruler with her young son  Holy Roman Emporer Jacoba. Together, they navigate the challenges of governing a kingdom in a time of grief and uncertainty.

In this game of intrigue you have the opportunity navigate a complex web of political, religious, economic, and social dynamics in the city of Rinascita, the Royal Capital of Italy. As a port-city, it is rich in trade and serves as a vibrant hub of economic activity, facilitating the exchange of goods, services, and ideas on a significant scale. It is a bustling center where merchants, traders, and entrepreneurs converge to conduct business, creating a dynamic and prosperous environment.

You can choose from multiple career paths, allowing for exploration of various skills, passions, and life experiences. Attend l’Universita di Rinascita, join a political  Consulate or even start your own guild! Choose your own path.

* Disclaimer: The characters and events portrayed in this game are entirely fictitious and should not be interpreted as reflecting the personal views or beliefs of the creators. Additionally, the game’s depiction of historical events may not adhere to historical accuracy and should be regarded as fictionalized for entertainment purposes.