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Allegory of Empires is set in a fictional Italian city during the Renaissance period in 1599. In the game, our world is loosely based on the time period in an alternate timeline in which the setting is the seat of power for the area known as Italy. Because the world is loosely based around the time period and set in a fictional city, the historical rules can be a guideline and not a hard and fast rule. The game will not be following the real world timeline of events for the period and the time period is used for inspiration rather than a mandatory chain of events.

The setting and characters within it will be expected to fit reasonably within the theme of the time period, so the period of the Renaissance, within reason. Modern thought processes, laws, societal rules and other themes will be roughly pinned to this period and the props and spaces in the world are likewise themed around this period of history as well as the region where the game takes place.

Much like the setting, the political relationships we concentrate on in the game are influenced by real-world themes and knowledge from the time period, but for the sake of story, conflict, intrigue and excitement, some relationships between nations might differ in some way from the real-world counterpart. When all else fails, a little research goes a long way and the player manual will help most of all in guiding you and your characters interactions within the game world. 

The environment of Allegory of Empires is designed to cater to the desires and potential stories our players seek to tell. Not wanting to keep a captive audience within the walls of the city, you’ll find a large and sweeping Outlands area perfect for wilderness enthusiasts, farmers, hunters and gatherers to explore and inhabit. For those seeking a less restrictive city environment, the Outpost to the north provides a community setting with less oversight and influence by nobles and authority figures, within reason of course!

For those who wish to remain in the concentrated location of the city of Rinascita, even there you will find plenty of different neighborhoods and options for crafting your individual tales. From the bustling city center to the quieter working neighborhoods, areas influenced by the foreign nations that are hosted in ambassadorial estates as well as lower-class slums and middle-class working areas, you’ll be able to find your tribe even within the walls of the city itself!