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Character Playlist

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I recently heard a song that reminded me of Orla, so I decided to choose more that I thought best fit her.


- Orla Couture -

Woman - Kesha:

Grow a Pair - Kesha:

Music - Madonna:

G.U.Y - Lady Gaga:

W***e - In This Moment:


and then I got tired of choosing songs I may add more later.




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This is fun! Can't tell if I'm mixing up IC and OOC because these are two of my favorites irl, but I think they apply to Margrat, also.

Sogno di Volare by Christopher Tin

Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin

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Came across this song today, and while it's not a complete "character theme song", it made me think of Belle. As does most of Lana Del Rey's music does. [Explicit Lyrics]


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This song reminds me of Darlene. One, because it's her. Two, because I hate her sometimes, which I have to RP her a certain way to make her grow. Basically this is my feelings towards her, but the song fits her.

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Keeping up with the Taylor Swift theme; Ethan's current head space:


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I'm not sure how anyone can pick just one! I don't know about a 'theme' song per say, but if you were to look into D's soul, and listen for the harmony therein, I imagine you'd hear these two.