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Let's Get Plotting!

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I wanted to take a moment and post an OOC note for everyone. I feel like there is a decent amount of players that, as a whole, could start doing some player/character plots. I feel this will make the game more active and keep people engaged. I am wanting some feedback from you as to what kind of plots you wish to take part in:

What kind of plots are you interested in? What crafters are willing to make items for plots (either donate cheaper resources or get paid oocly)? Who is interested in making alts (either one time shot, or recurring)? Who is down for a good old fashion kidnapping? What about a treasure hunt? Is there something in your character’s background you'd like to have played out? (within reason and resources)? Are you interested in starting a secret society? I’d like to stick to more general type plots starting out.

You can contact me in game or respond to this post. Of course if you wish to keep things more secretive, you may send OOC scrolls to Ethan, or feel free  to contact me on the AoE discord. If you haven’t joined the official AoE Discord, why not? There is a link to join: https://discord.gg/ndJpaNmAxe

Look forward to hearing back from you all!

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