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I will join in too!

TODDIA - I love this unconventional, tender, affectionate, sibling-esque thing Miles and Toddia have! She is absolutely one of his "people" and he'd walk water for that girl. Plus, her innocent doe-eyed one liners always get me rolling OOC. 

BETH - Sweet Beth! She is such a diplomatic and tender-hearted character and I love how you are handling these complicated and difficult situations with such grace. You're always down for fun in game and OOC, your inclusivity as a player is amazing.


LANDON - Tenacious, saucy, spicy, and stubborn as an ox. The testosterone is real and I want to take a moment to applaud your willingness to RP the tough stuff. It is a rare quality to find in a player and the infusion of conflict and tension has created so much RP. Hat's off to you, dodgy bugger!


ALEX - You're story is compelling and your character is on point! I've absolutely loved all our scenes together and the banter, chit-chat, life talks, and story telling has been so much fun! Cannot wait for more!!


DARLENE - It is always a joy when you pop in and your character is such a well-rounded one. I always enjoy the chats and discussions and laughter that ensues and I am looking forward to seeing you again! 

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