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What happened to the Scottish Consolate?

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What happened to the Scottish presence in Game?

Did we loose players?



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Well, Sir Valdus was always iffy, and he hasn't been on in ages. Azru was active for a while, but now he's not played in a while. I have no idea what happened to Oghren, but he's not been on in a long time. Then, the guy who played Valentin and four other characters announced on the forums that he was quitting and might not be back. So, that just leaves me and you. Oh, and Elspeth left the consulate to marry a German, but that was a long time ago. But we can do this! You've got your trade, you're a Master Carpenter and a Scots Guard, and a Scottish Burgher. And Margrat is a character, in every sense of the word, and a Scotland Private. She fishes and gardens and makes tea and hunts rats and designs her own fancy outfits and trains with her axe. She's a wild card, but someone who is very fortunate not to have made any actual enemies in town... Yet. We'll see how long it stays that way; she annoys the heck out of some characters, albeit in a hilarious manner! XD Hopefully we'll start gaining new players eventually. Hopefully soon. The game is rapidly getting much too empty and lonely.