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Classes and Skills


Each class provides a unique set of skills, some limited to that class (ex: fencing), and some general (ex: fishing). Your class is not your occupation, per se, but rather a set of skills to help guide the direction of your character and your roleplay. You cannot learn skills limited to classes that you don’t have, i.e. a character with two combat classes cannot learn tradesman skills such as trading, so select your classes carefully; classes cannot be changed.

Your class will enable you to learn all skills to level 24. However, it is possible to stack skills that overlap between classes. For example, if you choose two fighting classes that both give the the parry skill, you will be able to learn this skill to level 48. Likewise, if you choose the same class twice, you will be able to stack all of your class skills to level 48. The higher your level in a skill, the higher your chances are of success with that skill. Note: While tradesman skills can also be stacked, you will not gain access to any new items after level 24 in a crafting skill.

Remember that Allegory of Empires is a cooperative storytelling game. Classes and maxing skills is not the purpose of the game. Rather, these features are here to help enhance and supplement your gameplay experience.


Teaching and Learning

Class teachers are set up around the game world and can be used to learn skills and classes. By “asking” an npc, you will see a list of what classes and skills are available only if you have the class they teach or if you have not yet chosen a second class. The learning point and money cost will be displayed to you.

> ask npc 

A tall lithe woman can teach you about the following classes and skills:
10 florins and 11 learning points – Axe (Level 1)
10 florins and 11 learning points – Club (Level 1)
10 florins and 11 learning points – Dagger (Level 1)
10 florins and 11 learning points – Dodge (Level 1)
10 florins and 11 learning points – Endurance (Level 1)
10 florins and 11 learning points – Fencing (Level 1)
10 florins and 11 learning points – Parry (Level 1)
10 florins and 11 learning points – Precision (Level 1)
10 florins and 11 learning points – Sword (Level 1)

> ask npc about axe

Do you want to learn axe level 1 from a tall lithe woman? It will cost 10 florins and 11 learning points. The lesson will last approximately 30 minutes.

@A – Yes, pay from my bank account
@B – Yes, pay from my guild’s kitty
@C – No, I’ve changed my mind
Note that the option to pay from your guild’s kitty is only available if your guild leader has given you permission to do so.
You can also share skills (not classes) between each other using the teach command. There is a reduced learning point cost when doing this and money cost will be up to the characters involved. Teaching time between characters is also reduced to 5 minutes.
> teach bob about dodge
You can learn a class using the same syntax. Note that learning a second class is only available for experienced characters (experienced characters are defined by having spent a total of 1850 learning points, which is the equivalent of raising a single skill from 0 to 24).
> ask npc about dual-wielding-fighter
Do you want to learn dual-wielding-fighter as your second class? It will cost 400 florins and 200 learning points.
@A – Yes, pay from my bank account
@B – Yes, pay from my guild’s kitty
@C – No, I’ve changed my mind
The cost is 200 learning points and 400 florins to learn a new class. There is no “teach time” for this as you are simply unlocking the ability to learn the associated skills. Just like with skill learning, you can only use the guild funds to pay for this if you were given permission by your guild leader.

To unlearn a class, use the @unlearn command.

> @unlearn ‘woodcutter’

Are you sure you want to UNLEARN your FIRST class WOODCUTTER? You will lose the following skills: woodcutting(24), appraise(8), trading(6)
Type @YES or @NO to respond to this question.
You will not be refunded for LPs or money when unlearning a class. If you know two classes with overlapping skills, you will only lose skills that exceed the new max skill level. For example, if you know blacksmith and seamstress, both offer the trading skill which gives you a max trading skill of 48. If you unlearn one, the max skill becomes 24 and your current level will be lowered to 24 if it exceeds that. If trading is below the max, you will not lose any levels in trading for unlearning the class. You also will not lose any learned patterns (though you won’t be able to access those patterns if you unlearn the associated class).


Shows all classes and skills your character currently knows, as well as available learning points.