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Mounts in Allegory of Empires are used to travel from point A to point B and can come in a variety of forms. Living mounts (such as horses) are useful when traveling by foot while nonliving mounts (dinghys, small boats) are useful when traveling by sea. The command usage is the same for all types of mounts.

MOUNT SYNTAX: mount [mount], dismount [mount]

A character who is mounted and logs out/disconnects will be automatically dismounted. If the disconnect occurs in a water room (only accessible by boat), the character will be moved to shore, but only if the boat has moved locations when the character returns.


Types of living mounts include destrier and jennet. They can speed up a character’s travel time when leaving the city and some can carry more than one passenger.

Required Equipment:

  • Saddle – required for mounting.
  • Bridle – required to attach the reins to.
  • Reins – required for controlling the mount.

Other Equipment:

  • Saddle Bags – a container that can be worn by the mount.

REINS SYNTAX: attach [reins] to [bridle], release [mount] from [reins]

OTHER EQUIPMENT SYNTAX: attach [equipment] to [mount], take [equipment] from [mount]

Note that only owners can equip a mount but anyone is capable of taking items from a mount’s saddle bags.

Once the reins are attached to the bridle, the mount will follow whoever is in possession of the reins. Others may mount the creature but they will not be able to control the mount’s movements without the reins. Logging out or disconnecting while holding reins will result in the reins being dropped in the environment–but ONLY if the reins are attached to a mount.

Hitching posts can be used to immobilize a mount.

HITCHING POST SYNTAX: tie [reins] to [post], take [reins] from [post]

Once a mount is hitched, it can only be retrieved by the owner or the person who tied it there.

These types of mounts can only be purchased with storypoints.


Types of nonliving mounts include dinghies. They can speed up a character’s travel time when leaving the city and some can carry more than one passenger.

These mounts are already equipped with what they need to function and assuming control is done by grabbing the ‘control’ detail (i.e. dinghy’s rudder, ship’s wheel). The first person to board this mount will automatically assume control and controls can be passed by having someone else grab the detail.

SYNTAX: grab [mount’s control detail]


When mounted, proximity is restricted to other passengers and anyone/anything within proximity of the mount itself. The only exception is the controller who is about to move freely about a room.