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Private Rooms

Rooms for rent can be found throughout the city, some furnished and some unfurnished. Typically, there is an NPC located in the near vicinity who offers keys for the rooms. In the case of the unfurnished apartments, the NPC can be found in the Records Office in the Tribunale di Rinascita on Strada Principale.

Renting a Room

To get a key from the NPC, ask the NPC for the key.

Ex: ask npc for room key

Some NPCs will have multiple keys, so you may need to be specific to ensure that you receive the correct key.

After you’ve gotten a key, locate the door that the key opens, and unlock the door with it.

Ex: unlock east door with my key

Once you have unlocked the door, you will be able to come and go from the room without using the key.


While inside of your room, you can set it as your default room with the @home command. Setting the room as your home does several things:

1.) You will be returned to this room automatically if you log out elsewhere.

2.) You will be able to pull the door open, which will place you inside of the room without needing to open the door and walk through.

3.) Others will be able to knock on your door.

Returning a Room

You can stop renting a room by offering your room key to any NPC who has keys. Before doing this, make sure that you have all of your belongings out of the room because returning a room will delete the room and all of its contents. These contents are not recoverable by staff. If you no longer have your room key and wish to stop renting, see: Duplicating a Key.

Duplicating a Key

If you are already renting a room, you can have a duplicate key made for the door by getting another key for that room from the respective NPC. Unlock the door to your existing room using that key, and the key can then be used to open your door by anyone in possession of the key. You can also use these keys to stop renting a room if you cannot find the original (see: Returning a Room).

Note: Please be mindful of whom you share your keys with. The only way to disable duplicate keys is to stop renting the room. Staff will not retrieve duplicate keys from other PCs.