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The Printing Press

With the advent of the printing press, public dissemination of information is easier than before, allowing ideas and knowledge to be mass produced for the public. Access to this rare technology can be found within l’Universita di Rinascita–but not without a hefty price! A set of newspaper press sheets can be purchased for 500 florins, and this price includes all costs associated with the mass production and sales of the newspaper.

Acquiring the Press Sheets

  • After entering l’Universita di Rinascita, go one room east.
  • Ask the merchant for the press sheets (‘ask npc for press sheets’)

Writing Content

  • Use the @compose command to fill out the newspaper press sheets (‘@compose my newspaper’)
  • Use the popup window to fill out the titles and content of each page.
  • Each newspaper consists of eight pages, and each page has a 3000 character limit.
  • Also note that the newspaper name is defined with the cover page’s title box.

Publishing the Newspaper

  • Once all content has been filled in, return to the printing press room in l’Universita di Rinascita.
  • Return the press sheets to the npc (‘give my press sheets to npc’).
  • The newspapers will be sold by both the printing press NPC and the town crier NPC for 5 florins.
  • Money from the sales will be deposited in the guild of the individual turning in the press sheets. If the character is without a guild, the money will be deposited in this individual’s bank account instead.
  • Newspapers will be available for sale for a minimum of one month. If the newspaper is turned in between the first and seventh days of the month, the newspaper will be removed from stock on the first day of the following month. If the newspaper is turned in after the seventh day of the month, it will remain in stock until the first day of the month after next. For example, a newspaper turned in on November 7th will be sold until December 1st, but a newspaper turned in on November 15th will be sold until January 1st. Plan carefully!